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The most common mistakes digital practitioners and leaders make is to either do things in the wrong order, or to try and do too much at one time. Progress in digital marketing and analytics in either scenario becomes painful (the organization / systems / thinking is simply not in the optimal...
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Point Omega is a term that refers to the condition of maximum organized complexity, and Don Delillo's short book--it's not a novel, though it's sold that way for $24.00--pursues Point Omega by means of a meditative, brooding quasi-narrative wherein consciousness belongs either in a room where...
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The gulf between practice and preaching is vast enough to swallow almost anything, but I am beginning to think we have something caught in our collective throat. Despite all our claims for the higher virtues of compassion, truth, and altruism, our common culture has persisted in attaching a...
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Because I work in a writing center, there’s always talk about how better to get across to the student you’re helping that you’re serious about helping them overcome their challenges. That you ‘feel their pain’ in a totally non-ironic, non-Clintonesque way. Displaying empathy. The trouble with...