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It's odd the things which become important. In my unpublished novel, FAME'S VICTIM, the Hollywood Sign has a chapter devoted to it. My characters visit the sign and stroll beneath it. It also figures as a visual point for another chapter. There are other Hollywood chapters (one of my characters is...
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It's been something like two weeks since I "finished" the manuscript of my book, tentatively titled "True Friendship of a Foreign Lady: The Chinese Odyssey of Sarah Pike Conger." I use quotation marks because a wise writer is as superstitious as the parents of a Chinese baby:...
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This morning I had the bots count my scrambled manuscript and now I am an official Winner of NaNoWriMo 2008!  I am so psyched.  I already printed out the certificate and can't wait to frame it.  I even printed it in my full name and my pen name, lol.  Now my mind is reeling with all the editing...
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I have actually done it.  A few minutes ago, I broke 50,000 words on my NaNo novel.  I now have 50, 710 words and a completed first draft of my first manuscript ever.  I can hardly wait to start the editing process.  I might make a copy of the draft just so I can do that.  I need the original to...