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Gathering up and surrounding myself with good people. In the past few years I have lost some of those folks, all far younger than the national norm. Recently my sister-in-law passed away and when I spoke at her celebration of life, it was with few words. The opening phrase was: Heather was good...
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This is an interesting blog topic. I am from the cold north, born in Chicago, and just recently again descended from the cold north into the South where I am now living.  I consider myself a northerner-I am a native Chicagoan in every aspect of my being and that for me has never changed. That said...
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Lately I’ve been questioning whether I am still a southerner. This may also involve questioning whether the South is still the South or just another identity group like model-train enthusiasts or sadomasochists.  I always thought I was. I grew up in Arkansas, in a family that had been there for a...
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The college I work for has a second campus that evolved from renting a room or two at a high school into being its own fully fledged campus, built when there still were dollars to spend on such things.  Maybe back then, it was before the tax-cuts to the rich.  Oh, wait.  I digress.  Anyway, this...