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up is always up.   (Rephrasing http://redroom.com/member/rosy-cole/blog/losing-the-compass#.UOlJp2djpLg.twitter)    
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For this analytical, reflective piece, I am indebted to Rosy Cole's blog on compasses in life.  The traditional compass provides direction relative to earth's magnetic pole. Metaphorically, one could say when various magnets in life create inner conflicts concerning which direcction to go,...
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  Most of my new year's resolutions have focused on re-ordering the week to make the best use of time. This is a flawed premise to begin with because we can't always make that judgment, only what we think is best. Every day is a tussle between the demands under our nose and the agenda we feel...
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This is a test. I'm learning to navigate the new Red Room.  So far, I have gotten lost. I thought I had a compass to use, but alas - it functioned like Captain Jack Sparrow's. Then of all things, I created a post, previewed it, spotted a mistake (no, I did not copy and paste - grave error) I...
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When he came to, Billy was propped up in the shade, his back against the trunk of a large tree, a cool leaf compress on his brow. The wrinkled old man squatted in the dust before him and peered down at the compass on the ground. He was muttering at it and waving a small frond over it. From time to...
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By dusk, Billy Boy was forced to admit they were lost. He'd hoped it would simply be a matter of backtracking to HQ and reporting the massacre. But the longer they walked the more it became clear they’d headed the wrong way. The trail back to the barracks would bear the tracks of the passage of a...
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When Things Get in the Way 1.     See if you can recount a time or two when an interruption saved you from an embarrassment at least or, at worst, going over the cliff. 2.     Better to be discouraged in the middle than the beginning. You might create a turning point. There’s no turning point at...
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You fall,Fall into Continuum.Sometimes it's hardWhen the end Looks just like the start.You fall,Fall into supreme silenceLike a thousand screaming crows.And the compass,Your hope of guidance,Has no needle... But you knowThere is something moreFrom the asylum of the sky.The deceitful mistIs your...