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Obama won, he's burning the midnight whatever-people-burn-now-that-candles-are-deemed-bad-for-the-eyes and, despite what a few aging white men declare, he just might succeed. So why am I occasionally beset by just a wee hint of bitterness? Do any of those guys (yes, I do mean Republicans) take...
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Back in the day, I had a diary. (No, children, we did not carve words into stone tablets in those days. Really.) So my original understanding of a blog was that it was just like a diary. Except on the computer, and open to anyone to read. In the past year, I've found that a blog is very different....
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Dear Friends:  You are my one saving grace within a confused, unfamiliar and coldly objective world. You light my heart when the flame is all but extinguished. I dream of you to save myself. You and only you have your hands upon my back. When I walk these streets I must put you in front of my eyes...
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Time to put the year to bed.  Tuck it in and say, "Nightie Night," sing a lullaby.  I just turned in the final grades for my students, went Xmas shopping, had a dinner party with my very talented musician friends, song rocking this little Merriewood house, closing on the midnight hour...
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Why I Hate Gigantic Stores, (a society of humanity) I work in a grocery store that was built during the mid 1980s. 15 aisles. We know many of the customers by name. It's what once was called a "neighborhood" store. There is a sense of community. Super-Wal...
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A little over a month ago, my old friend Michelle McFee, mainstay in the Bay Area music and arts scene since Bob Dylan's San Francisco press conference back in 1965, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Michelle is deeply beloved in the Bay Area. I had an idea, and a nonprofit organisation...
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I am starting to hate the color pink.  Somehow pink has come to represent breast cancer.   Breast cancer is not cute.  It is not frilly or girlie or stylish.  Breast cancer is ugly and heart breaking and devastating.  I guess it would not be very encouraging to use black ribbons to represent breast...
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Hi friends at Red Room and all over the world, please join my PRIVATE club for FREE! There we can discuss more private things that we can't do in public blogs! http://thepinklotus.ning.com Thanks!
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Jeff Moriarty, Intel’s Mobility Community Manager (center, left) leads a discussion on mobile internet devices and their form factor/function. Image Credit: Intel What Girls Want - The Form Factor Of New Media Cellphone technology and computers are rapidly morphing into each other giving rise and...
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Let this be the beginning!  --of a long storm that rages and weeps of a storm that sings and dances     until it is almost afraid of itself! I am Furious and Grieving. I am calling out to all poets to search not only their dreams, but their waking imagination, and their deepest fears, so that we...