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I’m on vacation/in post-TED Global recovery this August. Taking social networking easy as well, I posted a chocolate cake recipe on Facebook. You can whip up the quickie soufflé-like treat in a coffee mug with the help of a microwave. The indulgent little formula emailed by my Sacramento sister...
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Come Join our Free Social Networking Community. Chat with like minded people and other authors about metaphysical, spiritual, holistic and paranormal topics. All on http://exploreyourspirit.ning.com
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Uwemp.com is an upstart website, looking for writers to build our database of useful, inspirational and educational content and journalism.  We are searching for a group of diverse writers interested in composing in-depth, thought-provoking and useful feature and profile articles based on our own...
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I'm here! At the Anam Cara retreat in West Cork, Ireland, a writers' heaven. This is the view from my bedroom/workroom window, over the front of the house. Luckily, I am facing this way, because the view from the other side of the house, of rolling green hills down to the sea, is far too...
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Please check out my photos and article at Crete gazette! Here's the web address.  http://www.cretegazette.com/2009-06/trip-to-sfakia-frangokastello.php Let me know what you think!  Is there anything special about Crete you would like to know?  I'll write an article about whatever you might be...
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I have found my village. It’s called Red Room/where the writers are. Where friends are too, I’ve discovered.  How comforting it is to be able to let it all hang out regarding my impending heart surgery and not be concerned about commas, or periods, or spelling (thanks to spellcheck) and know that...
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Shouldn’t we treat our community volunteers as our society’s “untouchables”? I obviously don’t mean this in the mobster-thug sense of the word where hoodlums instill fear in the masses until the likes of Eliot Ness steps in to seek justice. Nor do I mean this in the reprehensible sense of the...
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Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to 800 supporters of Project Cornerstone, the Bay Area non-profit devoted to fostering 41 developmental assets in area youth. The organization is as near and dear to my heart as the subject they asked me to speak about—community building. During these...
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1. You don't want to repeat yourself, or to let the audience get bored (or fear that they've heard it all already).  Bringing in some new talent to open the show gives the audience some new literary delights.  Some of these emerging writers display dazzling gifts, both on the page and on stage. 2....
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