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TODAY IS WHO'S THE GOLD DIGGER WEDNESDAY      My mother is soooo hilarious, and has much wisdom. She has heaps of stories, riddles and rhymes to relate to much misinterpretation of women and men. We were candidly talking about “GOLD DIGGERS” in reference to woman pursuing men...
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Today in the shower, I asked Tai, one of my Guides, if he wanted to share anything with me.   He looks at me carefully and says "Simple Wisdom".    The shower recedes into the background and I am in the Zen Garden.    Tai is seated in front of me in his usual position of...
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I ran into an old friend today and we swapped stories and caught up on the last few years. I realized that with each re-telling of the events of the last four years I gain another insight into my life, or someone shares a nugget of wisdom about my situation. This friend listened to me explain how I...
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I CALLED WISDOM     I wasn't feeling well: so I called Wisdom and asked him what to do. He told me to drink lots of Vitamin C, H2o, and some cough syrup would do. He told me he was glad I called and how He looked forward to taking care of me. I told him I wouldn't be much...
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In my few months as a novelist, I have confirmed, to my own satisfaction, some intriguing tips about writing fiction.  The first is Stephen King's analogy that writing a story is like excavating a fossil.  Over and over again, I've had the experience of starting a scene, or confronting a problem in...