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Kafka was not ambivalent about his opinion of Prague. Of the city he said: "The little mother has claws." And in my novel about Kafka, I have given him the line (though I can not shake the feeling that I actually read it somewhere else): "If I could get out of Prague, I wouldn't have to get out of...
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This is actually good news. I'd hate to see the Chinese version of factory-style capitalism go the route of nineteenth-century England and U.S. versions. Of course, the most immediate concern of us selfish western consumers is whether or not the price of Apple's gadgets will rise with the rising...
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ESSAY A writing career becomes harder to scaleAuthors used to expect to struggle as they gained experience. But now it is sell -- or else. . (Emiliano Ponzi / For The Times / January 27, 2010)   By Dani Shapiro February 7, 2010 In the late 1980s, when I was a graduate student working on short...
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Winter is beginning to settle in and autumn is packing up and moving on here in the Heart of Carolina.  Local high school and college football seasons have drawn to a close as basketball fever prepares to sweep the region.  Aside from the evergreens, tree limbs are mostly bare, their leaves...
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Well, John, as the Brits put it, what's getting up your nose today? Today, without a doubt it's advertising.  Not any one campaign, but the whole industry.  Don't get me wrong -- it makes me very happy that in advertising there are well-paying, expense-account-padded jobs into which many failed...
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I buy a lot of chocolate-covered donuts. I buy them largely because, in the brand I buy, each one has 320 calories, and with as little as I eat, the calories are important. They come in a box of 8 large donuts and cost $3.69 a box. Lately, I’ve had some problem in finding them. Yesterday, there...