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Tomorrow is my one year anniversary on Red Room. Thanks to fellow Red Roomer, David Henry Sterry, who, after helping me with the pitch for my forthcoming novel, The Memory Box, urged me to start blogging on Red Room. And so I did, albeit slowly at first. It was both exhilarating and terrifying to...
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At the end of October, I began posting stories on my Red Room blog.  Within a very short time, I noticed a lot of people were reading and leaving comments.  By "a lot," I mean thousands.  Even on the days I didn't write a word, people were still reading and commenting. At the end of...
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I was reading an article on National Geographics' site today about larger carnivores (black bears, lynx, wolves and mountain lions) and the possibility that they may be moving into suburban neighborhoods, following the success of raccoons and coyotes.  I moved on to the comments and saw this:...
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I can not figure out how to read comments on blog posts, so even if you help me out on this and comment i wont see it, lol.  no, i sent a meesege to red room, hopefully they will get back to me.  I became a member, I hope this is to be a great opportunity for me, but none the less it is...
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I just noticed I haven't had any comments in over a month. Which is fine. Totally fine.
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I won't go as far as to say that these authors make me seem to be a Pollyanna (and how many know that reference, per the comment of Harlan Ellison). In fact, I might indeed fit right into their ranks (move over Garrison Keillor). However, I will still smile favourably upon a Nobel Prize (well...
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I've joined the blogging world! It's as fun and vulnerable as skinny dipping, so I've been told (the skinny dipping part, I mean.) Please check me out at www.pretty-words.com I would love to hear your comments and feedback. Thanks!
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Here's what Annmarie Lockhart, publisher of unbound CONTENT says about our upcoming book project: "Starting next week, with the official launch of WIP: Saltian, a new post will go up every day here for 51 days. The posts will consist of a poem by Alice Shapiro and a critique by a member of...
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How To Use Twitter Hashtags Inside Your eBookBy Jason Boog     In April, Arcade Sunshine Media and Grove Atlantic will release an enhanced eBook edition of Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet by Tim Flannery–a digital book that incorporates Twitter conversations into the app....
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In today’s publishing world, traditional publishers expect every aspiring author to have a blog. Blogs have become essential platform—promotion—elements. Why is this so? Because by posting content related to your book to a blog on a consistent basis, you increase your Google ranking in your...