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On my tenth birthday my father sent me a gift from India: A Parker ballpoint pen in a gorgeous brushed nickel finish.  The accompanying birthday card read, “May it give you inspiration.”  Perhaps, thinking it too extravagant a gift for a child, my mother kept the pen and (in those...
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PRESS RELEASE:                 January 15th, 2010 “Working Girl Breaks the Mold with New book!” Wyandotte, Michigan native and current Clawson, Michigan resident Lisa Ball has forged a new horizon with the publication of her revealing and edgy novella “Booze House,” a semi-autobiographical story...
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Twenty years ago the Romanians overthrew their corrupt communist government. Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall came down, uniting two long-divided worlds. And twenty years ago, students of Mills College revolted against the decision to admit men. I graduated from Mills in 1988, and like the...
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I tripped over a rock most people would have noticed.  He first saw me then.  Later he said that was the moment he fell in love. My features were unformed; most people confused them with perfect.  At eighteen I knew they were childlike.  Most girls longed for beauty; I longed for character. I did...