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  Award-winning "Wee Pals" creator Morrie Turner, the first nationally syndicated African American cartoonist, regaled the crowd at his recent talk and book signing at Underground Books in Sacramento, CA. In the midst of his talk, as guests continued to arrive, Turner, 88, with his infectious...
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Well, the convetion came and went. I only got to spend about a day and a half at the show but it was a lovely shot in the arm that I needed. I traveled up there with my lovely girlfriend, and our dear friends and their family. My girlfriend is also a writer, looking to break into comics, and I...
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It has been a fantastic weekend. My dogs are barking tonight, as John Candy said, but it has been well worth the blisters. Two days at the Con promoting Ice Song, as well as meeting, greeting, drinking, dining, gawking and admiring. Will write a proper post soon, but now I'm going to delve into the...