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Ok, so the web master called and gave me the instructions… ya push this button here, ya click that, ya go over there, then you log the meta information and ya press send. And steam came out of each ear like I was Roger Rabbit. My eyes rolled back in my head and my tongue hit the desk. You see, I’m...
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As part of the 'marketing' effort for my new book A Transcendental Journey, I have been trying to figure out how to describe it, other than odd (quirky is perhaps the preferred term, but they both apply equally to the book and me).  A particular problem is characterizing the comedy. The book...
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As my chipper bio describes, I owe my life to Hitler. Perhaps this makes my humour a tad off kilter. Kilter/Hitler. I amuse myself. Still, I am taken aback that a comic novel about Hitler is taking Germany by storm (there's a Trooper joke there). Its success gives the term 'publicity blitz' a whole...
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Heard a joke the other day. It made me laugh. The problem is that I have forgotten it. I remember certain details. A man. Walking. A bar. Laughter. Oh, if only you could have been there. Well, I'll try to reconstruct it for you.    A man walked into a bar. The barman asked, "Why are...
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For anybody who hasn't heard about them -- and I would expect that to be a fairly large group -- The Muslims Are Coming is a comedy team travelling the United States. At least they were. I don't know whether they still exist. There's a documentary of their tour, which I watched. Here's my...
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The funniest joke ev-ah is (of course) an Elephant joke. Q: What did the stream say to the elephant? A: Well, I'll be dammed." And also remember, as far as humo[u]r is concerned, when Kafka read his work in public, he left them rolling in the aisles from mirth. [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *...
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 A Comedy in Two Acts, revised for the October 2013 Production by Theater 11.) My first play. I couldn't get the formatting  right, so I included the image. 
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I have decided to teach a  course on writing comedy. I am charging a million dollars per student, which seems like a good start, since everybody laughs when I tell them.
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New essay, which will suprise you. It should be available later today. I will post the link. Thank you for your continued interest. I'm back at the memoir too. More about it soon.
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