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I have friends and relatives who experienced problems with their Internet company.  Let's call that company something interesting, like Comcast.  Each called Comcast to sort it out.  It was hard sorting it out.   The Comcast customer service rep didn't seem to care. One argued...
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Darling Readers, I've discovered purgatory. What can it be, you wonder? A Third World Country? A small town where everyone knows your business? Nope. Comcast. Normally with Comcast I drop a check off on Sundays. No fuss, no muss. The check hits up on a Friday, just when I get paid. Easy peasy,...
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After three months of accepting the boundless hospitality of lovely friends, I am moving into a new apartment, less than a mile along my beloved Bay walk from the house in Richmond where I wrote so many of the essays posted to my blog since 2004. Most of my possessions won't arrive for a couple of...
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i.      After two hours with my computer guru, Steve the Wizard, it was clear that my inability to blog or reply to "mail" was neither the fault of my network or security system.  The finger of suspicion pointed at Internet Explorer 8, which had taken possession of my computer around ...
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I'm browsing the comcast website. If I switch to comcast I can save $13.67 on a phone line I don't want and don't need but have to have to keep my DSL connection. I want a fixed IP because I like hosting my own domain. "It hobby. It fun. It keep nerd boy happy." From what I can tell the...
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As you might know Gentle Readers, I'm moving in a couple of days. I'm getting things done-packing books, sending people my new snail mail address, figuring out my new room. However, there's another thing I'm trying to figure out: The Cable. Before I moved to Lafayette, we always did Comcast. It...