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Nadine Singel writing under “N.M Singel” is another author who I came across when hopping around "The Next Big Thing" blog sites. I was really impressed when reading about her book "The Wicked Passage". Nadine is an award winning author who studied at Warwick, one of the best universities in...
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Homa reread Tom's letter. "With you all the way in Tehran, the apartment, Columbus, feel empty..." Hadn't that been the case even when she was there with him, she thought. She wished she could call him and talk. But phone connections had been difficult since she came to Tehran a month ago. Lines...
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To paraphrase Richard Ford: This is not a happy story, I warn you. More troubling than that, I'm not entirely sure it's true, even though I remember it vividly. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio in the late 1950s and 1960s. When I was four-to-five years old, I was one of the younger members of the...
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It's Deli Day at Temple Israel. In the community hall the stage is piled thick and close with white paper bags, each bag containing a wrapped corned-beef sandwich, a container of slaw, a pickle, and some mustard. The corned beef has been flown in from New York City. The bags emerge from offstage--...
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(Originally published in the Denver Post, August 1, 2008) Finding America's Lost Centuries Between Columbus and Plymouth Rock hangs a rollicking epic journeyBy Dylan FoleySpecial to The Denver Post. In his new travel-history book "A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World,"...