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March 9       PICTURES AND FRAMES     I paint my way into the corners of the frame.  Each picture I fill diligently, color, texture, all the tricks I use.  I work hard to get the desired effect.  I hold nothing back; I put heart and hopes forward.  I...
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    I don’t grow these, though they are beautiful and I wish I did! This was a Mother’s Day bouquet of roses, and every time I see this picture, the flowers long gone, I’m reminded of these beautiful flowers and how important it is to capture the memories and keep them close to our...
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  Photo--Former ebay logo in an office hallway.  From digitaltrends.com   I've discovered ebay lately, much to my happiness and my chagrin.  Happiness because I now own about 25 1908-1910 T206s, as well as a few 1935 Diamond Stars and a couple of more Goudeys.  (These...
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  March 23   Suddenly     Creeping realization has never been my experience with G-d’s handy work in my kitchen.  I start out making a mess and I find in short order that G-d has made a meal; fit food for apt hunger.  I could throw myself into the kneading and shaping...
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Visiting the Hamptons in the summer is always a treat.  There is much to be awestruck by: the natural beauty of the beaches, the sprawling farmland and wineries that dot the countryside, not to mention the man-made eye-candy: lush gardens and verdant lawns, (even in drought) lavish homes...
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The Color of Camping   The guy two sites over quite couldn’t believe it. He stood, holding his pit bull’s leash tightly, his white belly uncovered, his face pink and wide, a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He commanded Ryder to be still and was rough with him. The dog barked as Anthony, my...
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Chinook breeze brings the promise of Spring.Red buds spreading their pink buds against the sapphire sky.Sunlight warms the barren earth,soon the green shoots will appear.A crazy quilt of greens, pinks, reds, and yellowsmakes me dizzy,as I gaze upon the kalidescope of colors. 
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It seems like lots of us have experienced crazy weather lately, including tornadoes and quasi-typhoons. Where I live, we keep oscillating between turtleneck weather and shorts weather, with the occasional torrential downpour. Nevertheless, there are undeniable signs of spring. All my favorite...
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Why does this man call himself "black"? Biracial Americans seem to have internalized the racist belief that having only one drop of African blood makes them black despite their Caucasian heritage. President Obama and Halle Berry embody the lingering belief in the one-drop rule. Both Obama and...
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    I just loaded this tip on the Perfect Picture School of Photography (PPSOP), and wanted to share it with all of you as well...enjoy!FALL OUTDOOR PHOTO TIPSAs we move through October, depending on where you live, the weather has begun to cool and dry out, leaves are slowing drifting...