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Wot larks! I'm having more retroactive eureka moments inspired by my reading of Niall Ferguson's The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World.  Once again, they have very, very little to do with money or financial history, but they're still amusing and somewhat edifying. This may become a...
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A few, fairly random thoughts on Sunny Singh's recent post.  These aren't intended to have any political coherence. It seems a little ironic that the 'rivers of blood' metaphor, apparently inspired by Virgil, was coined in the late sixties by Enoch Powell, a British Tory MP whose constituency in...
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One of the (very few) problems of the do-it-yourself solo writer's colony is that the other "worker bees" at the colony are often drunk retired folks on vacation. And, they're not necessarily artists, they don't spend their lives wrapped up in le proces artistique (pardon my lousy faux-...