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  On this edition of The Writers Showcase Podcast Author Debbie Wilson discusses her true crime faith based memoir Sweet Scent of Justice, her journey as a writer and also treats us by reading a small portion of her memoir with us. To save this program to your portable...
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  On Mondays Phil Naessens Show Breaking The Backboards Brent Kitchin joins Phil to discuss all the highs and lows of last weeks NY Knicks action and author Debbie Wilson stops by to discuss her faith based true crime memoir Sweet Scent of Justice. To download this program to a portable...
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  On April 4, 1981, Debbie Wilson’s older sister Kathy was brutally murdered. 23 years later, after being unable to answer her daughters questions surrounding the circumstances of her murder Mrs. Wilson went searching for answers. Sweet Scent of Justice, Mrs. Wilson’s true crime memoir...
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Reviewed by Fran Lewis A circle has no beginning and no end and yet this story comes full circle in its entirety. From 1938 where the story truly begins and the horrors faced by many during the Second World War, this book helps to remind us of events that we cannot and will not ever forget....