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  On this weeks edition of Fantasy Baseball Weekly host Phil Naessens discusses the injuries to Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre, gives a complete closer update and discusses the players most on the rise and fall plus much more Fantasy Baseball news and information. Listeners of this weekly...
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The east coast of this country has had it rough this year. I mean it is a cold climate and we are used to difficult winters. And summers. But this year has been especially unpredictable and in some places severe. I'm in Cape May, NJ and for some reason we often are spared the worst snowfalls,...
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The handyman mused aloud that perhaps the furnace isn't working properly, or sn't big enough to heat the house, which appears to have little, if any, insulation. He examined the thermostat, pushed the buttons and watched the numbers on the digital display creep upwards as there was a cranking sound...
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The handyman gjves me a blue plastic tub and a roll of Visqueen. "I'm exceeding my authority by doing this." (He wants me to know he's dipped into his own bank account to buy the supplies.) "How's Mr. J?" (Mr. J. is my landlord. He's in his 90's and his wife died just before Christmas.) "He seems...
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It took about seven minutes for someone to mention cannibalism, and the crashed plane in the Andes. Maybe he was a soccer player. Twenty minutes from the last small town, in the midst of the woods on a secondary road, an odd sound occurred. Within a minute the engine died. The passenger...
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The handyman regarded the portion of the living room ceiling that collapsed at 4 a.m and the icicles that have formed inside the house. "It's amazing to me how much water can get through such a small space. I suppose I can nail a piece of plywood over the hole. My truck wouldn't start this morning...
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SLIGHTLY OFF THE MARK               You’d think this weather would be perfect for “it’s so cold” jokes.             You know: It’s so cold I saw a dog frozen to a hydrant. That’s an...
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Provence is a mere memory......read more
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I wrote this several days ago, but deliberated awhile about posting it.  Hibernating I don't know how long I slept. I awoke briefly, but couldn't open my eyes. I closed them again and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. It was the sleep of someone who needed sleep so badly I couldn't awaken. It...
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Okay, we're not the nation's hot spot but at 37 degrees F, we're looking pretty warm. I have a habit of keeping up with my friends, family and co-workers' weather.  I also like to check the weather where I've previously lived - Half Moon Bay, Okinawa, Germany, Korea, San Antonio, etc. ...