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I have a book addiction. This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, has seen my bookshelves, or remembers this post with the picture of my nightstand back home in St. Louis. I've tried to cut back, I've told myself I'll only buy a book once I've finished another book, I've...
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  February 14   ONE     One skin One mind One spirit One day   If I live in more than my own skin, I am a body snatcher and ghoul.  If I live in a duality of thought I am ejected, ostensively out of my mind.  If I redouble my spirit the increase takes a dark cold...
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I recently read a book on de-cluttering my surroundings. I actually didn't finish the book...it was the first thing that I got rid of. I didn't like the author's approach but it did cause me to start looking around for ways to clear out some of the stuff I have accumulated. I figured it was time to...
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Yesterday my significant other and I helped his cousin and her husband move. They had plenty of help the days preceding and now it was our turn. He helped the husband with the large heavy items and I helped his cousin get the rest of her closet boxed up and bagged little items that still lay around...
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My Salon essay, "I'm a sex writer with a secret shame - hoarding" was just published
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At the bottom of a dusty sports bag, underneath envelopes of old photographs and diaries, she finds an exercise book. Lines composed in 1986. Words that existed on that faintly lined page for a quarter of a century, while the author lived in the world, gathering experiences and amassing wisdom that...
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I have always wondered what walking into a rain forest would feel like, and I have even gone as far as comparing that type of excitement to the adrenaline shot of venturing into a strange city. Yesterday, I entertained yet another thought: how has my daughter’s room come to resemble both of those...
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Why do I write?  I write to make sense of things.  I write to put things into perspective.  I write about things that I don't understand and don't agree with or agree strongly with.  I write to try to understand the injustices of our world, the pain, the unfairness, the inequality, the...
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Hubby has been on half-time for a week now, and I don't know if that was the trigger, but all of a sudden he's moving forward with the plans to get the house on the market. Curb appeal. Repair. De-clutter. And after 20 years in this house, there's a lot of clutter, especially in his office. What...
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With so many gizmos and gadgets that need to be charged on a regular basis these days, it can get a little crazy trying to remember where each charger is located and which charger connects to which device. In 10 minutes collect all of you chargers in your home or office, plug in an extension (multi...