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I live just an hour and a half from Sacramento, and yet I didn't know something fundamental about it until I wrote the just-published essay 1695 on 拍 (beat (rhythmic); clapping) and analyzed a photo of a bag of rice: Photo Credit: Eve Kushner First we have "naturally abundant": 自然 (しぜん...
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  April 2     Clock and Calendar Girl     I depend on the count and measure of time to get me through.  The swing of the pendulum carries me from moment to moment and the divisions between days are like the rungs on a ladder; I climb from month to month and age to age...
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I've struck up a correspondence with a Japanese man who likes colorful expressions as much as I do. He happened to tell me that his wife often lobs the following criticism at him: 三歩歩いたら忘れるんだ!You forget everything in three steps! 三歩 (さんぽ: 3 steps); 歩く (あるく: to walk);忘れる (わすれる: to forget) I love...
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  April 1   RAIN   The rain makes shadows of water.  It spills onto the ground like tiny worlds.  What had been airborne and mist is now earthbound and integral, feeding, cutting, learning the world.  Once I contemplated theories and mystery.  Now, washing dishes...
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It is mid night knock and I hear Lots of pain in body and me silently bear No use to raise pain voice to bother members As they are watching my end coming near   I slight open eyes and watch half consciously The prayers and hymns are heard continuously They believer that some last words may...
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Take your cell phone, which is linked to the atomic time clock, and go room by room resetting all alarm and wall clocks. Also check everyone’s watches so that they are also set to the exact same time as everything else in your home. Finally, synchronize all of the clocks in each of the vehicles. (...