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I was minding my own business, playing games online and looking through the most recent Facebook comment when I saw this:  "[S]ome authors, like myself, have their own style of punctuation and capitalization. It's a matter of preference."  Uh, no, punctualization is not a matter of...
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I truly became a writer because I love the art of communication. It is something that left me awe struck as a child. I saw the power words had amongst people. Arguements and disagreements could be solved by those willing to compromise. Creativity blossomed from those who like to leave an imprint of...
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As a former editor of Primavera, a literary journal, I understand how time-consuming it is to correspond with authors who submit manuscripts.  I spent a lot of time writing detailed personal letters to authors before e-mail was widespread.  I even got thank-you letters for my rejection notes...