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I'm glad to be sitting outside in the false dawn with the cats exploring and a few visible star watching over me.  I woke up from a dream in the middle of night and was most thankful to find that it was a dream and nothing that had happened was real.  Atypically, I remember the dream even now.  ...
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The past few days it has been late spring cleaning time at the Carrington-Smiths. With two very busy months behind, one kid ready to travel and two more eager to start their summer fun, April cleaning has had no choice but become June cleaning.    My daughter, typically unwilling to attend chores...
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At any given moment one doesn’t know if something will happen – often a seemingly meaningless event – that will spark thoughts worth pondering over. One of those moments for me was two nights ago, when I cleaned out my fish tank.I pumped out half of the water and used a vacuum to suck up debris...