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I got twelve out of seventeen. Some I knew and some were educated guesses. But, what were the remaining - uneducated guesses? [DE] * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Can You Guess The Classic Novel From Its First Sentence? by Mackenzie Kruvant 1.   2.   (more) http://www.buzzfeed.com/...
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I don't make any of this up, you know. In an effort to appear intelligent and learned, one trick used by a surprisingly large percentage of people is to lie about the "classic" books they have read. And, I would say, this list does consist of books which most contemporary readers have heard about....
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This is kinda fun, to which a multitude of other books can no doubt be added. My own humble addition concerns my first novel, A Lost Tale. Within the first half dozen reviews (although, in my mind, it was the first) was a newspaper review which began: "A Lost Tale - but not lost enough...
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I can't really compare myself to the top headliner for a concert in regard to Literary Savannah, a travel anthology edited by Patrick Allen and newly republished by Trinity University Press. The honor of top billing would have to go to the classic American authors Conrad Aiken and Sherwood Anderson...