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Tuesday, May 14, 2013: You may have had a restless night and be a bit cranky this morning. Could be you're feeling a bit squeezed between the things you feel you must do and your genuine heart’s desire. Because you're obsessed about what you need and also unclear about your true desires, self-...
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Her careful choice of words makes this poem relevant to all creative people who are on a constant search. It is quite surprising how "The Last Line" by Dahlia Ravikovitch  could apply to the poet, novelist, composer and the painter.    Dahlia Ravikovitch from True Love The...
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Align your thoughts with what you want. Live in Gratitude and Be soulfully Present! : ) Happy Monday! http://jtuniverse.com/
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I pointed the lens into the heavens and this is what I got. It seemed fitting. A pause between light and darkness, a gradual thaw emanating from the heavens, a promise of something powerful through the steely grey of water, my footprints fading fast in the incoming tide. A time of change is afoot,...
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  June 30   SMOG     When I burn out, the smoke affects everyone in the surrounding area.  I forget to keep my wick trimmed and lamp full; I empty out and my light grows dim. I am responsible for maintenance and upkeep.  If I don’t protect my own radiance I will lose...
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In the middle of insanity sometimes we find clarity.  I’ve come to embrace the fact that I will never walk a straight path, make the best decisions, or that things are ever truly black and white for me.  My mind is chaos on a fairly consistent basis.  I’d welcome you in, but you...
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This re-post should be a real charmer for those who have been involved in critique groups or classes - or who wonder what really goes on in one. The valuable point, as implied in The Millions' title above, is that clarity comes from being exposed - over and over - to what others...
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Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward (Hebrews 10:35, KJV). In the previous blog, we found a couple ways that people limit God in their lives: unbelief, and maintaining a hardened heart. Another way that they limit God ties in with the previous two, which is...
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Blessed are those who are not ashamed of Jesus Christ, for He will confess them before the Father. Blessed are those who are not offended in Him, for He will not be offended in them. Blessed are those who will receive correction, for they are sons and daughters of God. A correction is taking place...
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Today we turn our attention to branding, a subject many writers never consider. In their desire to just be writers they once again forget that to have a successful career as any type of a writer, including as authors, they must also be good businesspeople. This means acting as if their writing...