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Clarence Thomas | Clarence Thomas

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 Up, or down? Americans are more divided than ever. Congress is deadlocked. The Euro is collapsing. The markets are jittery. The Supreme Court is set to make a decision soon. Justice Clarence Thomas looks like he really needs to go. It seems that as long as there have been toilet seats, men...
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My colleagues and friends are all calling, Twitting, Facebooking, emailing and or blogging about Virginia (Ginni) Thomas's phone call to Anita Hill requesting an apology for the wrong done to her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  From the tone of the conversations, they are pissed. ...
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Leave it to the hate brigade to see the world in black and white—quite literally. Following Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh immediately pronounced the decision was based on race. Many of Rush’s fellow travelers soon chimed in. In their minds, the decision was obvious. Both...