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Back in LA for an afternoon on business, we headed over to the Occupation before running more errands.  Again, it was a weekday.  Again, the mood was subdued.  As we wandered around the hodge-podge of makeshift housing looking for the supplies tent, my husband remarked, "They...
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The Constitution ensures our freedom of speech. If destruction to property or other violence occurs, we have spit on the face of freedom. In Occupy Denver, law enforcement had to step in after a long occupation of public land. Public health and safety were becoming a problem when people camped out...
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A computer program hacker organization, Anonymous 99, introduces their plan to ‘engage in a relentless campaign of non-violent, peaceful, civil disobedience’ to fight back against crime by banks and government agencies when they announced an upcoming ‘Operation Empire State Rebellion’. A99 [ctrl-...
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When you’re single, you’d better pick your shade of crazy. Why go for fiery red crazy when you’re melancholy blue? But, then again you never know, fiery red crazy might just be what melancholy blue needs. How about moss green mellow? Would she go crazier with a bright yellow fellow? He’d irritate...
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Civil disobedience is on the rise. This can be a good thing, as is the case in Israel this summer. Israeli women are risking criminal prosecution by going to the beach. They are taking Palestinian women along to protest decades of dehumanization. Read the full story on my Living in the Heartland...
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"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore," Howard Beal led the angry chorus of voices!  Seeing the news room be taken over by corporate interests that wanted entertainment not news, Howard, a Network News anchor, started encouraging his audience to shout out their feelings...