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    The new blog post from Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto's Weblog is officially here! http://mitziszereto.com/blog/mitzi-and-teddy-hit-montreal-eh/
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Some tips for writers here, too. You can find the inspiring story of an animation here … http://courseofmirrors.wordpress.com/story-of-an-animation/    
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I take lots of buses in New York.  I have always preferred buses to trains and I try to make sure I have a book or a few sale catalogs to read while I go from Point A to Point B.  Buses have come a long way since I moved here many years ago, no pun intended.  They are heated and...
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  So I was watching a news show where Savannah Guthrie was slated to be talk to Dakota Fanning and wondering why some cities and states rate baby names and others do not. I love Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I’ve never heard of man named Pittsburgh Smith or a woman named Pennsylvania Barnes....
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Well, no city in Canada made the cut (though two in the USA did). So it is not restricted to the Old World - just poorly aimed. I did, for years, live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, which had its own "Poets Corner". And a nice li'l cluster of dead poets in a specific graveyard. With a tale of one...
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He was dead. For a day. Two days? I, too, do not recall. This was days after the blasts. In a crowded area where cars, buses ply, and people walk about reaching destinations, a cabbie’s body went unnoticed. Had he been a victim, he might have been seen. The concerned city kills people everyday. It...
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D.C. tops rankings for USA's most literate cities by  Mary Beth Marklein      EnlargeBy Pablo Martinez Monsivais, APPresident Obama reads to students during a visit to Long Branch Elementary in Arlington, Va. on Dec. 17, 2010. Washingtonians are the nation's most well-read citizens, but...
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      The literary heroes of PragueStarGazerBy HAU BOON LAI In the historical city of Prague, cultural icons like Franz Kafka and Antonin Dvorak have a certain cachet that is lacking in Hollywood celebrities. THE Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague is touted in tourist literature as the...
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In some distant corners, the border bushlands of Botswana, for example, there are writers so unaccustomed to human contact that they journey into London for their book tours only to jump at sidewalk cracks, thinking puff adders are underfoot.  Authors living in remote Rocky Mountain cabins built...
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With thanks to Sean Morris and more... Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. library literacy program coordinator2. banker in Mexico (egads)3. chamber maid on a beautiful island (didn't last long) 4. clerk in a kite store on a beautiful island (ahh, much better) Four movies I've watched more than...