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Today, five days after the book launch, we met an important milestone. Our crowdfunding campaign has reached the 30% mark! Crowdfunding? What? Yes, now you can know the truth. This whole writing-a-novel ploy is all about the musical. You may have noticed that the ebook is easy to get, but if you...
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Today I had to take a break from enthusing about The Souls of Her Feet to put the final edits on The Bullying Antidote, which comes out in July (Hazelden). The Bullying Antidote (TBA) is a huge book, a compendium of the best current thought about this national health issue and what parents can...
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  I selected today for the book launch because I read somewhere it was an auspicious Hindu day for, say, a girl's fortunes to turn. Well, isn't that just what Cinderella is about? Here's what I sent out to my mailing list, after posting links all over the internet all day...
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What's behind the curtain? A much more interesting ebook than you may have ever seen. The story is simple, and fun, and engaging: a twist on Cinderella for the times. But drill down and you'll find more than meets the eye: something for your ears! The book is based on a musical; the...
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On January 24th, a new production of Rodgers' and Hammerstein's Cinderella went into previews at New York's Broadway Theater. What better way to celebrate the event, then to present a bit of the musical's history.... Full post and videos here.
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Revival productions are on tap in 2013 along 42nd Street. The works of Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, William Inge, Frank Wildhorn, and Rodgers & Hammerstein  seldom gets tired.  Broadway is attracting the star power of Laurie Metcalf, Scarlett Johansson, Mare Winningham...
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Once upon a time . . . . No, that's another story. I've always loved fairy tales, especially the animated fairy tales and their more dramatic counterparts of my childhood. I have a collection of all the Cinderella stories, from Walt Disney to Leslie Caron as Ella with the dirty face, bare feet, and...
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Fairytales today, both written and rewritten, seem to imbue the female character with power not before observed in fairytales of the past.  However, it can be argued that this revisionist perspective regarding the attainment of power is only in part due to the changes in cultural climate....
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  My grandmother brought me up on fairy tales.  Every evening, as daylight faded and silhouettes grew blurred, my mind's eye would open up to the world of magic.  Talking animals would trot into our living room, princesses with stars on their foreheads and moon crescents in their...
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Would you like to read my new novel as it unfurls? I'll soon be blogging  The Souls of Her Feet, the "back story" of my musical, in a daring act of literary performance art! How does it work? You subscribe to the blook (blog-book), and I'll publish a few pages a week, right to your e-mail...