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The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, one of my very favorite buildings, is celebrating a landmark birthday these days.  It’s the 850th and there’s reason enough to celebrate that it has survived centuries of wars, abuse, neglect, and busloads of tourists.  But to me, there’s a key...
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Google Alerts with an upgrade to The Red Room makes me smile as I have been getting alerts on the pieces that I wrote when I first joined this very creative site. Yesterday (after being at a script read for the Pilot Show Potluck in the middle of the desert) this popped into my email.  It...
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Well, after a long time of not blogging I’ve decided to start back up again.  As some of you know, I have been finishing up my Masters of Divinity in Biblical Studies—a 90 credit hour masters degree.  It’s been a very interesting journey.  As part of my daily studies, I’ve been writing a personal...
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I am pleased to announce that Lethe Press has agreed to publish my non-fiction book THE JOY of ATHEISM, a humorous take on many things religious, a sort of Unholy Bible for fighting religious bullies.
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By the time I was twenty six I had already begun to feel some of the uncanny influences that come with society. I remember one day in particular being bugged down in the car park of a twenty floor building struggling to change a punctured tire on my car. The job seemed to take longer than normal...
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What do you think of when you look at the cross and the crucifix? Do they hold sacred and religious value for you? After reading Ogechukwu’s book, your perception may change; the church’s use of these symbols has, for centuries, concealed facts regarding their true origins . Ogechukwu reveals...