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  As someone who has a handful of medical problems, I do not believe that bodily infirmities belong in polite group conversations. Perhaps it is my history as a physician or my desire to focus on the positive. Or perhaps it is just a quirk. But quirks can make for good blogs, so here...
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The first new year's resolution on most people's lists is lose weight. James Strauss made a connection between the growing problem of obesity in the United States and the use of growth hormones and antibiotics in the food chain. I don't know why no one else has asked that question, but it is a good...
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I spent a few weeks on the East Coast of Florida a few summers ago, where I was spending time with my parents. My dad was recovering from esophageal cancer. He was stage four and really sick when I arrived, but started doing much better after we made some changes in his diet (cultured foods,...
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About This Book Discussion Guide Group members are encouraged to use the following information to discuss the memoir Life Continues, an unconventional account of dealing with multiple sclerosis for two decades and reaching middle age. About This Book Carmen Ambrosio was 17 when she transferred from...
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Visit my web site to view my book trailer: http://www.ambrosart.com/Author_Events.html 
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I recently was invited to be a guest blogger for Women's Memoirs. Here is an excerpt: "The passages which appear in my published memoir, however revealing, are merely brush strokes and word winds. Perhaps, someday I will  write more." For the full blog text, click the link below. http://...