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I just got a very kind review of my new book, "The Rose Shipwreck" (the review will appear in the November issue of Midwest Book Review). Here's the review. THE ROSE SHIPWRECK: POEMS AND PHOTOGRAPHS, BY CHRISTOPHER BERNARD A review by D. Donovan, eBook Editor, Midwest Book Review The Rose Shipwreck...
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 .... on John Rhodes and Clara Hsu's poetry TV show, at 8 pm, on Channel 76 (San Francisco; Comcast). Carlos Ramirez, John Rhodes and Clara Hsu will also read (and in Carlos's case, sing).  The show can also be seen online, at: http://www.archive.org/details/...
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The Man Who Talked to the Sea              He stands by the hour on the edge of the beach, staring at the sea.             He stands near the water’s edge, in the roar of the breaking waves, his eyes scanning the horizon or focused on a single point, or gazing at a cloud.             He sometimes...
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in the evening, a nail of silver or ice