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This is a magical time of year. Everyone in my family has a cold; I can't hear anything except the sloshing in my head. It snowed this year, but most of us in Berkeley weren't dreaming of a white Christmas, and the idea that global warming might in fact be leading to strange climate change haunted...
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The Lights on Main Street   Extravagant displays of dazzling lights, shimmering branches of colored foil, candy canes and wreaths exhibit beautiful Christmas decorations in great cities. Window displays are full of glossy wrapped gifts scattered under silver trees, a bowing and laughing Santa...
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Q:How many versions of Franz Kafka in English do we need? Oxford University Press has just released new versions of “The Castle” (translated by Anthea Bell) and “The Metamorphosis and Other Stories” (translated by Joyce Crick). Both read well, but are they really necessary? Shrinking column inches...
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This photo was taken by my friend Robyn in Brugges, en route to visit me in Paris and I couldn't resist taking a copy of it. These goodies are to be found in Verheecke Chocolate store. Brugges bills itself as the world capital of chocolate, a bold claim but with over 49 chocolate stores and a...
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The Grandkids came over Thursday night to trim the tree.  Meg's DH was away in Germany on business.So ,to the music on Meg's ipod,we listened to Part 1 of Handel's Messiah" my very favorite classical oratorio for Christmas,having sung it twice. Meg adjusted the lights a little,and Will...
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The holidays are a wonderful time to read with your children. I don't know about you, but when my kids were little, I used to burrow tons of Christmas books every week to read to them at night. This week I spent some time online searching for holiday books with Latino themes and these are the...
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Once again the holidays are looming, with all that this glorious season means: guilt, fear, hostility, mindless crowds, forced gaiety at work, over-consumption of food, alcohol, and other substances, the torturous repetition of “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, The Little Drummer Boy,” and soft jazz...
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My director tells me that opening night of my five one-acts called CHRISTMAS: NAUGHTY AND NICE at the Old Port Playhouse in Portland, Maine on December 8 was "stellar." So much better to hear that, than "didn't work."
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  Wishing you a Joyful and Peaceful holiday season...and health and happiness in 2014.     April is the cruellest month, the poet says. Green shoots and blossoms make a mockery of winter's torpid isolation - the sky's sheen like old ceramic crazed with sapless boughs - the ponds...
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Hello! Hope you're all having an awesome week. This week I finished a short story - Ellie and Mac's first Christmas. The story is set a few months after killerbyte and well before terrorbyte. as a special Christmas gift from me - It's available for download (or you can just read it) on my website...