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 "Uninvited", Revised 2013 (The following letter is intended to be read aloud in a weary, Maggie Smith as Downton Abbey Dowager voice. Please forgive the unfortunate, uneven spacing at various junctures.)   Dear Charlene:          ...
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Written by Laurel on December 21st, 2012   Get ready to shelve the dragon and uncoil the serpent. The Chinese Year of the Snake slithers into the 2013 waiting room. As you can see, David and I are trying to get a grip on what sort of luck Snaky might bring. All because we’ve “cashed in”...
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I finished writing my annual Christmas letter a few days ago.  For at least 35 years (I've forgotten how many), I've sent out creative "letters" during the holiday season--and have received rave reviews.  The theme of this year's letter is the approaching Chinese Year of the...