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This must qualify as a rather unusual way to mourn: by cloning Shakespeare. Ten face-lifts, ten months, US$153,000 will give Chinese author Zhang Yiyi the look he desires. He is using money from the royalties on his last book. But why look like the Bard? He says, “Life is a process of...
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http://asiasociety.org/events-calendar/maxine-hong-kingston-conversation-andrew-lam Apr 21, 2011 | 6:00pm to 8:00pmNorthern CaliforniaMechanic’s Institute, 57 Post Street, San Francisco Asia Society/Mechanics' Institute Members: free. Non-members: $12. To register, please email rsvp@milibrary.org ...
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The “Bow Wow” theory postulates that the origins of speech are based on early humans’ imitation of animal sounds. You can guess by the name how seriously this theory is considered. Onomatopoeia—a word that sounds like the thing it names—is the term for the class of words that the “Bow Wow” theory...
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Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria served as President of Chile from March 11, 2006-March 11, 2010. She became the first woman president in Chile’s history. President Bachelet won the 2006 election in a runoff, beating her opponent with 53.5% of the vote. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner (also...
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ORIENT, an outgrowth of my site huggingasians.com, is in development and getting support. CounterPULSE, Oakland Asian Cultural Center and Eth-Noh-Tec are supporting the work alongside poets like Brenda Hillman, Ellen Bass, Evie Shockley and Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown. We're...
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Don't worry broke to every! Summer Chinglish By Chelsea Girl in China On my way home through the backstreets of Shanghai on my bike this evening, I passed four men on the street in their Y-fronts. I also passed a young boy being bathed in a tub on the pavement. This means August has definitely...
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PLEASE visit Kickstarter to learn about my new project ORIENT. It's all about creating a new anthropology for Asians and Blacks in this country.
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Oh, did I mention I was divorced? Yes, that means I used to be married, for three years. But it felt like it was much longer as these years were so eventful, full of depressions, betrayals, physical abuse, deadly silence, and endless miscommunications. But somehow that didn’t leave a big mark on my...
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Now I am 29. I have worked at a large marketing research company for about a year. It is situated in the chic office tower area in West LA called Century City, right next to the enclave of glamorous Beverly Hills neighborhood, where well-dressed power attorneys, entertainment agents and CPAs roll...
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I recently finished a little book by Adeline Yen Mah called Watching the Tree: A Chinese Daughter Reflects on Happiness, Tradition, and Spiritual Wisdom. I enjoyed this book of reflections very much. The chapters are separated into digestible chunks, eleven in all. What I really appreciate about...