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      Health experts tell us our bodies are not meant to sit still all day long. (As if we needed someone to tell us that.) Watching children on the playground as I walk across the school yard to teach my poets in the schools classes, I am always struck by their aliveness and casual...
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In my poets in the schools work with 5th graders this fall, we spent more time than usually exploring the effects of point of view and pronouns--I, you, he, she.   We moved from personifying qualities-- Patience, Curiosity, Despair, Impatience, Wisdom--to becoming something outside ourselves--I am...
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    In celebration of spring and National Poetry Month, I want to post a few of the delicious color poems that came out of a recent five week poets-in-the-schools residency with four third grade classes at Springhill School in Lafayette, California.   Doing color poems with children...