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I just attended a seminar on children's literature sponsored by Lingua Franca, a UP English Language majors org. Ironically, most of the speakers chose to present in Filipino. Still, I think the point generally made regarding lanugage in children's lit is applicable to any language. By and large...
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Jennifer Priester is the author of The Mortal Realm Witch series for ages 1 – 8. The series currently consists of eleven books. Jennifer is both an author and an artist, so many of the illustrations in her book are her original works. She also owns the publishing company A&M Creations and is a...
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Indigo Kids, Indigo Eaton Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Thanks to Fiction Fix for featuring my blog this week. It's all about not being scared to embrace your inner children's lit fanatic. (Click the link below.) It's Okay, You Don't Have to Hide Your Book
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When I got my master’s, my mom invited me to stay home and devote full-time attention to my writing.  It was my lifelong dream, after all—she offered me a roof, rent-free, and all the time I needed to get started.  (Very ROOM OF ONE’S OWN, I know…) I cleaned out the guest bedroom, turning...
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  I am considering this past year and in what ways things went well and other things went to hell. Off the top of my head, I see far more positives than negatives. Although the one negative that is flashing in neon is a biggy: finances. I need to organize my financial records better. I need to...
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A long while ago - long enough that I do not remember which enlightened mother I was talking to - I was party to a discussion about Children's (YA) Literature. And the topic turned to naughty language. The mother said she never attempted to censor her children's reading habits. If they didn't...
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      More details on my most recent book sale (can't wait for this one—London Ladd, the illustrator, is brilliant!): A new children's book, Under the Freedom Tree, will bring to light a long overlooked aspect of Civil War history, the contraband slaves who...
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Was thrilled to learn today that Raggin' Jazzin' Rockin': A History of American Musical Instrument Makers was named an ALA Notable Children's Book for 2012! As the American Library Association explains on its website: Each year a committee of the Association for Library Service to...
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Writing Amid Used Books Chronicling a writer's thoughts and processes as she examines the used books that she finds. Books are a forest and it’s hard to see the trees, except the tall ones or the old ones. But when you enter the forest, it’s the new growth that emits the sunlight.... Thursday,...
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A Snippet from "Barnaby's Chance" 'Barnaby’s mother was an understanding sort of person when it came to feelings. She always listened whenever he wanted to talk (which was not that often). She would sit with him after school on the days that he did not go to Mrs. Gentry’s and give him milk and a...