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Thanks to my blog hostesses at http://alaivani.com/Blog/tabid/56/EntryI//482/Default.aspxhttp://www.luckyrosiescreations.blogspot.com/2010/06/shivas-arms-blog-to...http://www.lindsayblogs.com/reviews/2010/06/18/shivas-arms-by-cheryl-sne...for helping to make Week One of The Shiva's Arms Virtual...
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 Judgments collected under the awning, hummed against the shell of her ear. Her skull slammed in her head. Payroll hands weighed the options like so much gold.    Each day had been a map of dark topographies. Turning into a skid would only postpone whatever came...
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I love scenes that revolve around food in novels, don't you? They can communicate the pleasure of a party for one ("For lunch, I may say, I ate and greatly enjoyed the following: anchovy paste on hot buttered toast, then baked beans and kidney beans with chopped celery, tomatoes, lemon...
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 Here's something fun--Storycasting.com. It's a site that lets you fantasy-cast your novel with actors, and argue the merits of your choices with other folks. People use it as part of their virtual book launches. I played around with the cast of my novel, Shiva's Arms, and came up with- http://www....
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QY ou tackle several big themes in your book—culture clash, mental illness and its effect on a family, the ways in which tradition dies hard. Do you believe that you have a core subject, and will write through its permutations, as Faulkner did with race, for instance? A It’s tempting to lose...
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Despite the chattering masses insistence that we have left behind the shackles of monochromatic forms, most lovers of literature remain lodged within the confines of the printed word.  No pictures, no mixed media, no audio, no textile experiences invade the high and lonely silence of the mind’s...
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 To win a free copy of my "lyrical, funny, poignant" novel Shiva's Arms, tweet your funniest or most memorable cooking experience with your mother-in-law here: http://www.twitter.com/wlbks Contest closes 4-30-10. 8pm EST
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                                      This is the best news I've had to share in a long time... Cheryl Snell is up and about and clicking away at her keyboard, apparently! She says she's so grateful for all...
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            While you are in Thanksgiving mode, here's a brilliant piece of news! Cheryl Snell's sister Janet says: "Thank you for all your prayers and kindness. Cheryl is stable and making small improvements, I'm glad to report!" Please continue to will her...
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          Further to my blog of September 3, thank you to everyone who has shown concern. Cheryl is struggling with recovery, so, please, I beg you, do keep up the momentum of your prayers and healing thoughts, not neglecting her husband, Krishna, and sister, Janet, who are...