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Okay - so the Bible doesn't specifically mention Hell - apparently it was something added by the Church (fear as a control device? Turn on the news....) Anyway, here is Hell, as explained by a chemistry student The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-...
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assion & Power, Sun Screening, Love & Chemistry     The Oprah of the Airwaves interviews Bob Doyle, featured teacher from the movie, The Secret and shares the elements of love. Heather Brittany brings us information on sunscreens.   Passion & Power, Sun Screening, Love...
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In winter darkness, can you close your eyes and remember the taste of a ripe apricot? Can you recall the bittersweet green scent left on your hand as you harvest a tomato an instant before the bursting-point? I've reached the six-month point in my online dating experience, and it feels like a small...
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If you want me to love youhere I amready and willingto be enslaved by youMy reactionshouldn’t surprise youbecause, you already knowhow I feel about youImprisoned by a loveI have yet to feelin the fleshDrenched completelyby the very thought of youShackled by charismatic chemistrymy body has become a...