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This is the Steinbeck room http://www.sylviabeachhotel.com/node/36 at the Sylvia Beach Hotel at Nye Beach, Oregon, only it was the E. B. White room back when I stayed there about a decade ago. It may have been the only room with two twin beds, then, as it still is today, with an ocean view. It had...
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I loved E.B. White’s, “Charlotte’s Web” as a child so I decided recently to rent the movie to share with my four-year-old son.  Unlike today’s action-packed, fast-moving, vibrantly colored 3-D animation, the movie’s colors were muted and grainy and slowly sung songs filled a lot of the scenes...
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When I heard about this week's topic, yet again I was stumped. I loved illustrated books when I was a kid, still do. Now as an aunt I get to pick books for my niece and nephews, although the older ones are now into chapter books. I gave a Madeline book to a friend's daughter and afterwards she...