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image via awfullybigblogadventure.blogspot.com   A writer doesn't solve problems. He allows them to emerge. ~ Friedrich Dürrenmatt ~   I really like this quote, about a sensibility you learn in writing classes, but I think it tells only half the story. Not ony must the problem...
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I sure relate to this Fitzgerald quote - - how about you?   image via hofstra.edu   “Writers aren't people exactly. Or, if they're any good, they're a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald   See Bob's (revised) Web Site here:
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Tomorrow I'm going to Los Angeles to give readings from my new book. I've figured out how to get three days mileage from one outfit, cram little vials of liquid soap and cream into one plastic baggie and stuff everything into one backpack.  Hence the material world is in order. But ...
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I'm often asked how I go about planning a novel. When starting a fresh crime novel (as I am now, having recently finished writing the ninth in the DI Andy Horton series) I have the basic idea in mind. I will start to flesh this out using spider grams and time lines to work up the basic plot...
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I loved E.B. White’s, “Charlotte’s Web” as a child so I decided recently to rent the movie to share with my four-year-old son.  Unlike today’s action-packed, fast-moving, vibrantly colored 3-D animation, the movie’s colors were muted and grainy and slowly sung songs filled a lot of the scenes...
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I just finished a short story which owes much to the short story I wrote just before it. Their subjects and plots are different and so are their characters.  The first short featured Randy. The story was written in first person. When I began it, I simply was using myself. Not satisfying. I...
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One of the parts of being a writer that I like most is conversations with readers about my books, especially when they have questions about the characters, or want to know what is going to happen in the next book! Their comments motivate me as a writer, because I want to keep my readers...
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Sometimes, when you read an novel, you come across a described incident which you know just has to be true, because even the most inventive author could not make it up. I will now describe an encounter I had on a five hour bus trip over the weekend. It was a fairly full bus to begin with and I...
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Since I have a manuscript (which is proving to be a hard sell) which is a first-person account of an unrepentant and unduly active murderer, that might be the reason there is little murder in the bulk of my books. Death - yes (even in THE ELEPHANT TALKS TO GOD) but little which is premeditated by...
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I spent a "girls day out" yesterday with my cousin Linda, and we ventured out of Pennsylvania down to Delaware to visit Winterthur, the historic estate that was once the home of the DuPont family. The house, all 175 rooms of it, is now a museum, primarily devoted to American furniture and...