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The empathy I have always felt for characters scares me. I perhaps identify with imaginative people too much.  Laura Ingalls Wilder struck me as a young girl. I recall crying because Mary went blind and Nellie Olson taunted everyone. Later, it was Charlotte Doyle, the Goosebump characters, and the...
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I’ve just broken a bone in my foot and am wearing a Darth Vader-looking Air Cast (a cast you can pump air into to stabilize ankle/foot) and crutches for 1 – 2 months to allow the bone to heal. No surgery. It’s been an eye-opening experience not being able to walk as I usually do and to rely on...
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Just a sort of quick, humorous note. I am writing a novel with supernatural creatures in it. It was carefully outlined, and I knew going in pretty much exactly what I was going to write…except…I didn’t know that there was a werewolf in the story. What happened is simple, and worth noting. I...
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  In this day and age, we're afraid to discuss anger, but it's unrealistic to think it never occurs and is never justified. It's when and how to use and convey it that are key. If you're squeamish, think of anger as a passion - a strong emotion that gives depth to your writing, especially your...
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I became immediately and sputteringly angry (figuratively…I don’t really sputter) at something fellow Backword Books member Christopher Meeks – very innocently – wrote to me this morning in an email. (He has given his permission to quote from the message.) One thing I’m curious about HOMEFRONT is...
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A particularly happy day today. Gina is an intensely focused writer, often working from the moment she wakes up until 4 or 5 in the morning. As anyone who follows my blogs knows, I am very proud of her and certainly do not begrudge her working practices.  It’s always been my opinion that any...
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    Last night I went to see Toni Morrison. It had been decades since I had seen her, she had a new book which I knew I was going to read. She is a woman who fully lives her  life and even if the questions posed, or discussion presented does not fully engage me, I know Morrison will say something...
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We decided to see what was going on at the 6th annual Martinez Italian Street Painting Festival today, which took place on Main Street in Martinez, California.  As we drove under the old non-working train track through the signal into the main stretch of street that would take us down the main, I...
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Lately I’ve found myself with some serious writing burnout. I think it’s partly that our gorgeous, summery Seattle weather has not been conducive to writing. But it’s also that I’ve been cranking away at the keyboard on the same project for quite some time. And while this is a great way to get a...
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"The main reason for rewriting is not to achieve a smooth surface, but to discover the inner truth of your characters."  --Saul Bellow  Photo Credit:  Bruce Barone