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(NOTE: You picked me out, brushed me off/Crushed me while I was burnin’ out/Then you picked me out/Like an ashtray heart/Hid behind the curtain/Waited for me to go out/A man on a porcupine fence/Used me for an ashtray heart) April is National Poetry Month (to find out more log on to www.poets.org...
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Chapters are very important to storytelling. They help move the story along.  Chapters are little more than story within a story. They may not have all fancy terms that the novel has but they  shouldn’t. A novel for example has a protagonist, antagonist, a plot and accompanying plot...
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A lot of people ask me how to begin creating the structure of a nonfiction book. I like to begin by creating a table of contents for a book. Once I have this, I can then create the content for those chapters. However, often I can do both of these activities at the same time. To accomplish this...
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Hello, again.  Sorry I've been away so long.  The job's in gear, and so is the writing!  I'm a bit back on track and very excited about it.  New novel is underway; some drafts of some chapters done; getting a little more square and solid in my head.  The TimberTech deck is...
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A Google alert blazed the heading,Reports on Child Labor and Sexual Abuse of Children in Pakistani Society;, from MEMRI, Middle East Media Research Institute.  2012 cases of child sexual abuse were recorded from all over Pakistan during 2009; this number shows a 9.4% increase. It means...
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My characters demanded a new chapter this morning. Just like that! So I had to end one chapter (an extra chore) and start a new chapter(an even more extra chore). Aéronef de recherche T-33 du CNRC qui sera utilisé pour l'étude des sillages des aéronefs commerciaux.(image à haute résolution) Then I...
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I love my characters. Love their observations. Love their certainties. Love their doubts. I even love the dog - Louie. They lead me on a merry chase (I'm chasing them). They even end chapters in places unplanned by me. Hell of a catch-up I have to do. But do it I do.
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  Whoohoo! Put the final period on my manuscript for the new novel, Mangroves and Monsters, last Thursday (June 18, 2009) and sent it off to the publisher. Exciting. Now, I've got my fingers crossed she likes the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. A spin-off from my debut novel, Hoodoo Money,...
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In the interest of full disclosure, I got this idea from a priest.  He was discussing belief and how God wants to help you fulfill your spiritual yearning.  So he says, “You know, you hear how a drug dealer will give out little packs, little tastes of a drug.  To entice, to hook, to get you to come...
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Well I decided to go home this weekend and while I haven't fallen behind too much, things are really creeping up on me.  I've got to keep ahead on my hand-written stuff otherwise I won't have anything to type.  But if I take too long typing, I won't have time to do my stuff in the notebook.  Oi.  I...