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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show  Michael Erler joins Phil to share why he believes the San Antonio Spurs need the home court advantage throughout the playoffs, Joe Mullinax joins Phil to discuss the top offensive lineman that should be taken in this years...
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This article tells us that reading stories puts us into the story in a way more real than we would have thought. Fractal theory in turn tells us that certain systems (let's call them stories) repeat infinitely, tons of these systems (stories) embedded in others.  Why were even...
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October 13     Alarm   I have lived life like one long fire drill.  Is there smoke?  Not always, but I fear flames.  The alarm in my head is with me always and I walk from my life single file and silent.  I don’t move on, this is only a drill, ‘I don’t want to...
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My poem "Form/Formless" appears on JoAnne Growney's blog, Intersections — Poetry with Mathematics: http://poetrywithmathematics.blogspot.com/2013/05/shifting-patterns.html
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  October 26   FISH OF CHAOS     Out of chaos come very tiny fish, well, maybe not fish but a very swimmy feeling.  How can I go around with my feet off the ground, my mind racing on a squirrel cage?  Breathing helps, breathing is someplace to start.  Once I get...
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When I was unemployed I would have days of inertia. I believed that nothing was going to change. I was stuck in my version of Groundhog Day. My mind played a continuous loop of, I can't make anything work.  Usually after hiding in this black hole for a couple of days, I would emerge,...
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This weekend was a typical run myself ragged from beginning to end.  I managed to work in having extra kids (always have a least one extra), a full day of soccer, school shopping, a zillion errands and judging a local pageant.  As usual, amidst the chaos of our lives, Midge tagged along....
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  August 17   IN THE PRAIRIE   In the prairie, there are small fenced cemeteries, family plots.  The flat expanse of land opens to the eye; hand carved monuments stand in testimony to love and service.  In these places grow the wild flowers… bluebells, paintbrush, lupines,...
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  April 15   TRAP DOOR     The trap door of my mind opens occasionally and I find myself acting out things better left to conversation.  When I leave too many things unsaid, the pressure builds and the door opens.  My thoughts connect with my body minus the benefit of...
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I live in suburbia. You know- one of those planned subdivisions with four or five home models that are made to look different by their changed elevation or the color of the brick? This particular neighborhood was built twenty plus years ago. There are mature trees and bushes and most of the yards...