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For those of you who know me, or who have been following my blog for any small stretch of time, you are aware of the unique life circumstances that have come the way of our King family of five. We are now en route to Central Europe to begin our next adventure in life—a three year expat assignment...
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Uzi and I spent the last weekend in Tucson at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) annual conference. What an extremely interesting group of people. I first heard of them a few months ago when I went to a symposium in Malibu about honeybees--possible research for my next book--that was...
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June 29   HEAT EXCHANGE     I stand in the shower and let the water run.  The water carries away my temperature in exchange for its own.  I leave the enclosure restored.  Mentally, a meeting does this for me.  I change hot topics for more moderate positions, cold indifference for warm regard. ...
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I am a proponent of all types of media.  In my life, I've subscribed to all sorts of media:  newspapers, book-of-the-month clubs, magazines, Netflix, journals.  I've bought probably as many books as all of you reading this have, most of us able to fill our own libraries to the brim a few times over...
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True to form, these last couple of weeks of vast change in our personal lives, I have been finding refuge in small spurts in the backyard. I’ve always been a backyard girl, excited about plants and animals that live there. Considering that the clematis and climbing roses have created a breathtaking...
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I need a change of venue. I require an altered state. I fancy a different view. I yearn for a varied routine. I desire a transformation. I crave an unusual taste. I hunger for a new feel. I want to not be me.   
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I am discovering ( with age) that the journey to the center of SELF is unending.  I am beginning to enjoy the journey and being on a small island full of spirits, my spirituality is tested time and again.  I enjoy the challenge.  The island of Bonaire is a hub for spritual energy.  I am told that...
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May 5   TRANSITIONS    During the months of winter, the trees stand tall and leafless---static in their appearance, frozen in direction.  The insurgence of spring brings to life the truth.  The buds and flowers show the draw of their owners---the pull of life from the earth and sky.  Other trees...
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It occurred to me the other day that if I can't sell what I write, then I should just grit my teeth and try to write what sells instead. Judging by the book I've just tried to read, that would be a collection of stupid situations, populated by ultra black and white characters, snapping oh-so-witty-...
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I was having a random conversation with a friend recently. He’s the type of friend perfect for my favorite type of conversation- the rambling one. You know, where you talk for what seems like 15 minutes and forever at the same time and, upon conclusion, you look back over the past couple hours and...