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The coyotes are howling. Not right now but often enough. I never see them. I only hear them. I love the faux danger of being perfectly safe surrounded by my four walls of civilization while coyotes are howling in the dark  close by. Will a chicken be found dead by morning? Will a family cat be...
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Transitions, the word makes me feel on edge, a little desperate. Too many moves from town to town and one country to another. Too many changes from one job to another. Too many people met and missed. I'd like some stability. Something I can count on to be steady and reliable.  I don't mind change,...
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It's a curious thing to call oneself an author in this early half of the twenty-first century. The word now means so much more than it did when classic authors such as William Shakespeare, Frederick Douglass, or Anais Nin made their claims to literary fame. Although their works may have been as...
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When you talk about transisitions, that could be in many ways.  You always hear people insist that change is good... really though some times change is not good, it's just unavoidable.  Someone may change the way that they feel about you, and if you were in love with that person... the change was...
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Do You Feel as if you are over thinking a situation in your life? You may be in an Emotional Coma. It's time to Reboot! An emotional coma is having a stagnant state of mind where you find yourself thinking perpetual thoughts that are useless to creating a life of happiness. Most people that take on...
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"We must become the change we want to see." ˆMahatma Gandhi Easy for him to say. I am still working on accepting what small change might be possible in me. 
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There is no trick to art.  If I work to make my pieces fit with the familiar I lose my individuality.  If I make what is truly me I fear there is no line in which to stand.  I must make the work, find the market, live life and die happy; all this with no map and a world filled with people who tell...
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September 12       Hypothetical     Is my inability to understand what creates mystery?  If I were brighter, swifter, keener, would life be free of unknown communion?  Would comprehension eliminate revelation?  Would I lose perceptual apprehension by arming myself with...
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September 6       Nightcrawlers and Nightingales       I wriggle blind eyed through the dirt; friction, my friend giving me something to push against, resistance aiding my travels.  I worm my way through life and believed that was all there was; having never seen the...
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Summer-time has turned the star-wheel,autumn is upon us. from Hymn #73, Chant of the Seasons, Singing the Living Tradition, the Unitarian hymnal As September comes, so goes summer. It's all right with me. I like fall, actually, the smoky smell of leaves and the bright and beautiful colors of maple...