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One of the oldest addages in horseback riding is always get back on the horse. No matter what kind of fall or what happened, as long as your horse is able, get back up there and ride. The theory being of course, that if you immediately get back on, no fear will set in, for you or your horse, and...
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Last weekend, my favorite Formula 1 driver, and his team, had a very difficult race, to say the least. The weather was a bit tumultuous, with sudden spatters of rain that dropped track temperatures quickly and bright, blazing Mediterranean sunshine and sea breezes, a swing which may seem like...
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I’m wearing a new badge of honour. It’s on my deltoid muscle that bulges round as the curve of a mango. I trained and worked hard to earn it and I’m proud to display it. I’ve been told it looks silly, displaying such a tattoo. It sits in strong contrast against my tanned arm and says, ‘MS 24 HR...
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I have a wrist injury. An injury that has been treated now and is in the process of healing but is still, for the most part, unusable. Even as I type this, I do so one handed. This has, of course, impacted my ability to write, since I do my work by typing. It has been during this time that I, a...