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The summer of 1995 my husband dropped me off at camp, leaving me to my own devices far removed from the real world as I knew it. That's how I felt as I waved him goodbye standing in front of the white painted wooden barracks at Fort Worden.  From an article in Poets & Writers I had...
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Red Room asked us to blog on the best writing conference, to single one out.  But I have been to several of these conferences and different ones are good at different things.  I’ll list seven or eight here where I’ve participated or taught.  I used dollar signs ($$) to show relative cost; many...
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The few days I spent with Ray Carver were unforgettable, his presence so quietly powerful that it shouldn't surprise me that so many who met him want to write about the experience.  On Amazon the search term ‘Raymond Carver' results in over five hundred books; reprints, anthologies, criticism, and...
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The weeklong workshop I spent with Ray was at Centrum in 1980, two years after John Irving published The World According to Garp... Ray used Irving's title to explain how a writer has to take responsibility for the world he or she creates.  He said a similar phrase was the subtitle of every...