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Peter Brett Writes 100,000-Word Novel on Cell Phone It's no wonder Brooklyn author Peter Brett's first novel is a dark, demonic fantasy - he wrote it on the F train.Brett, 36, tapped out most of "The Warded Man," which hit U.S. bookshelves last month, on his smartphone on daily trips...
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In the 1980s, McKinsey & Co forecast a world maket of 900,000 phones by the year 2000. Today, 900,000 handsets are sold every three days. Image Credit: The Next WebEnterprise Mobility Born Twenty-Five Years Ago It's hard to imagine but yesterday, Oct. 13, 2008 marked the 25th anniversary of the...
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Jeff Moriarty, Intel’s Mobility Community Manager (center, left) leads a discussion on mobile internet devices and their form factor/function. Image Credit: Intel What Girls Want - The Form Factor Of New Media Cellphone technology and computers are rapidly morphing into each other giving rise and...