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“Hang on, Ashley,” I said when the red and blue lights flashed in my rearview mirror. “There’s a cop behind me.” I moved towards the shoulder of Highway 13 to let him pass. He declined my offer.        “I have to hang up, Ash. This police officer wants to have a chat...
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Everyone takes pictures with their cell phones, right? I know I do. Well I stumbled across the scary video on how predators might be able to find out things about you and your children from pictures posted online. Check out the link below. http://kyeos.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/warning-if-you-take-...
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My wife and I had to run out to pick up a few things.  It reminded me of my youth, in the 1960s.  Giving me a few dollars, Mom would say, “I need you to run down to the corner store[i] and pick up a few things for me.”  Then she’d make a list:  toner cartridges, printer paper,...
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A friend and I were talking to one of his co-workers.  The young man is twenty-five. My friend is sixty and I'm fifty-seven. The young man's cell phone rang.  "Mom," he said to us.  "I need to take this."  Answering it, hHe moved off and talked for a few minutes.  Returning...
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  If you use one of those hands-free cell phones, how do you get it into your car?  
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  Does GPS system really mean “Going Past Your Street?”  
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My wife and I and our tribe grows smaller by the day. Recent studies show that 87% of Americans own a cell phone.  We do not.  That makes us a little rare.  She puts that fact into her pantheon of smugness, along with no mortgage, car loans or credit card debt.  I do have a...
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When David asked me to marry him, I said, “Yes, as long as we don’t have a wedding.”   Although I enjoy other people’s weddings (I watched for hours when Kate and Wills married, eagerly awaiting the kiss), I’ve never wanted one myself.  To be the designated center of attention is...
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It's time for a new cell phone. My two-year contract is up and my phone has been a disaster for months. It won't work unless it's plugged in. Really.  Kinds or negates the entire idea of a cell phone, doesn't it?  I tried contacting RIM, the people who make Blackberry. A friend helped me...
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Reality shows are, of course, one of the more obvious and current expressions of this: people letting the whole world be voyeurs to their private comings and goings, in the name of personal fame and fattening the bottomline of TV network executives who find the miniscule costs of RealiTV shows too...