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cell phone etiquette | cell phone etiquette

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So there I was, sitting comfortably inside a church pew listening to one of Dallas’ most popular preachers spreading his message, when curiously, I decided to gaze around and take note of others cell phone usage. What I saw was the inspiration of this week’s topic. The Preacher’s message this week...
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How many people are upset with people indulging in a cell phone call while they're in, say, a restaurant or coffee shop?  A man at a table a few feet away is indulged in such a voice. The guy has a great stage voice. Others present in the coffee shop talke to the staff, asking if there was...
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  I’m taking it as a sign of evolutionary improvement in that where I used to annoy women by speech or action I can now without any intention annoy them by doing nothing at all. Happened again last month. I was sitting at the bar having a beer with my buddy and his girlfriend when my phone...
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My mother once referred to a North Carolina friend of mine who had been raised Jewish and Christian as “spiritually bi-lingual.” After "Mama Jo"'s passing in 2006, I now live in Greensboro and New York. I guess that makes me "geographically bi-lingual." It also gives me a...
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Is it just me, or does it seem like people have gotten really rude in the last few years?  Have civility and manners become outmoded fashion?  Does expecting people to behave themselves with at least a modicum of respect for others make me a relic?  Ok, I know that there have always been badly...
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    As a film critic, I believe in the joys of viewing a movie as God intended: on a great big screen, in the dark.     But you wouldn't believe how often I'm corralled by people complaining about bad manners at the movies. The dealbreaker for most people between going out for the community...